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I have to admit that I'm not the most organised person when it comes to buying Christmas gifts, and I'll often do my Christmas shopping at the last minute.
Selecting a gift for someone else can sometimes be tricky. I gathered some pieces of advice to help you guys select the perfect present for your loved ones.


1. A gift is not necessarily bought, but made. If you have DIY skills, why not create personalised presents for your loved ones? Like homemade biscuits, or DIY jewellery. Another great idea is ready-made baking kits. Basically, you just have to fill up a jar with all the ingredients necessary to bake a particular dessert (e.g. brownies), and accompagny it with a cute note with instructions. These kinds of gifts are great if you're on a budget, because it doesn't cost you an arm and it still shows the person that you care for them: you took the time to create a gift.


2. A gift is not necessarily an object but can be lived. Why not offer the person an experience? It can be a voucher for a SPA weekend in the mountains, for a gastronomic meal, or for a parachute flight... You can tailor the gift to the person's likings.


3. A gift is better if useful. This piece of advice comes from my mum. I grew up being told that a useful gift would always be far better than a decorative one for instance. And I do think she's right. Personally, I have sometimes received decorative items that weren't really to my taste and I wouldn't really know what to do with these objects. So, unless you do know the person's tastes really well, I wouldn't advise to offer a decorative gift. Moreover, a 'practical present' will remind others of us when they'll use it, and this way they will be even more happy with it.


In the 'useful presents' category we have:

· A notebook: a pretty notebook can always be useful. I just love the ones from Paperblanks & Moleskine.
· A diary: same. I still use a paper diary in 2016 by the way (am I the only one out there?).

· A pen: not a usual pen, I mean, but a more fancy one that the person will carry all the time. Why not browse what Montblanc has to offer?

· A smartphone case: self-explanatory

· A watch: possible even if you do not have an important budget. The Swiss brand Swatch has many nice and modern watches which are very affordable.

· A scarf: for men & women of course.

· Headphones: are you like me and always end up breaking your headphones? These are always useful!


And I would add ONE kind of gift that you can use if you have absolutely no idea what to get for that one person: a voucher in their favourite shop.

So here were my best tips for you guys. Now let me know, what are you getting for your loved ones? :)


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❤ Pictures taken last Winter in Schaffhausen, Switzerland ❤