We are very lucky this beginning of year, as we are already able to present to you a post realised in collaboration with an amazing jewellery brand from Geneva called TodayDesigner

These amazing pieces are made out of leather. Yes, leather! I was surprised too, at first. Especially regarding the ‘cuff’ bracelets. The designs are really minimalist and I just love that you  can wear several pieces at a time without it seeming too much.


About the creator

Daniela, the designer, was born in a family of artists – her mother was a singer, her father is a painter and her sister a fashion designer. She was into art since she was very little. And discovered the world of jewellery design later on and totally loved it.


Why TodayDesigner’s jewels are unique

Daniela explains that the leather is a very interesting material to work with and the pieces have such light weight that people that are wearing them sometimes forget that they are wearing something. She thinks that jewels are supposed to feel like a second skin –comfortable to wear and with a maximum of effect. I totally agree with this! :)


TodayDesigner was created one and a half years ago and the aim was to create new, feminine and why not sexy jewellery using recycled materials – here recycled leather. Daniela wanted to show people that it is possible to create nice things and not waste anything at the same time. As the brand grew, she had to start ordering new leather as well, so now she combines both: the new leather and the recycled one.


Find out more about Today Designer:


On Instagram: /todaydesigner

On Facebook: /todaydesigner


And visit TodayDesigner’s e-shop with Free delivery across Switzerland:



























Many thanks to TodayDesigner for collaborating with us.


O U T F I T   O F   T H E   D A Y

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